Apple TV Set: New iTV Rumors Say Apple TV Set in 2 Sizes, Ready To Go

The latest Apple TV 3 update rumor speaks of an Apple TV set in two different sizes, now unofficially dubbed iTV, with Siri features for navigation and changing channels, Apple TV apps for unique content development and iCloud action, and possibly a new iPad 3 as a remote. Imagine the potential Apple TV vs Google TV fight that could happen at CES (although unlikely). Still, would be fun. Just sayin.

Apple TV Rumors

The new Apple TV rumor on an Apple TV Set says that the television set, or iTV,  is in two models -- 42-inch and 50-inch models. The clincher: The Apple TV set is in the studio of Apple VP of industrial design Jony Ive right now, as told by a former Apple employee to USA Today. This means nothing for an Apple TV release date, because if it's true it just means development, not necessarily a final product. Most Apple TV features at this point are hard to determine with exactness.
"Apple's lead designer Jony Ive has "a slick 50" TV" in his locked-down studio at Apple's headquarters, according to a former Apple employee," reads the news from Business Insider. The report in USA Today also mentioned that the former Apple employee said one of the Apple TV features was built-in Wi-Fi. We keep hearing about the "connected TV," which we all know is coming from the industry en masse anyway, so this would be no surprise.

Apple TV Features

If this is true, then the Apple TV set rumors we've been hearing were close to being on track. We've heard in the past that Apple TV features included three sizes (although different ones), but had thought through more than one size. Siri would be likely, as Apple seems to have banked a big part of its future on Siri. iCloud and iTunes could obviously play a role for Apple TV apps and movies and TV shows. This doesn’t advance the notion of an Apple TV 3 update or determine the Apple TV box is going away -- there’s code for an Apple TV 3 update for iOS5, so the question is, how does it play out? Also, the iPad and iPhone would be a cinch as a remote control.
Earlier this week, the word dropped about an Apple Media Event in New York ... just to be wildly speculative, what do you think about the possibility of some kind of content announcement for iTunes and iCloud with movies and TV shows? I know the current consensus is that it's probably something book related, but what if that's wrong? Just before Christmas the word dropped that Apple was meeting with media execs on Apple TV, so what if they were massaging content deals? What are your thoughts?


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